The Twitter Monitoring App has been launched by members of the Data and Web Science Lab (DATALAB), the research group of the Department of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, being specialized in ICT research and innovation on data science and multi-scope analytics. The current implementation is part of a data research and analysis project commonly initiated and collaboratively implemented with iMEdD Lab, the data journalism unit of the non-profit journalism organization iMEdD(incubator for Media Education and Development), located in Athens, Greece, with a mission to support transparency, meritocracy, and excellence in the journalism field.

The Twitter Monitoring App (by Datalab AUTh) is a platform for analyzing and visualizing data related to the Greek wiretapping case (in this particular use case). It collects tweets from the social network of Twitter with the aim to inform the public on trends relevant to the target topic, most discussed topics, most active users and other resulting statistics.

The app provides a comprehensive overview of public views towards the Greek wireptapping case, and understand –-from a data science perspective–- how the public reacted to the unexpected emergence of this case. In addition, it informs users about statistics resulting from the analysis of the Twitter data, our intention has been to detect and present public discussion topics evolving around the case, and dominant trends in users’ attitudes towards Greek political parties and relevant issues.

The development of the current implementation of the platform (wiretapping use case) was part of the umbrella collaboration between Datalab AUTh and iMEdD Lab and is one of the outputs, including a data-story co-created and published by iMEdD Lab.

The team

The team that contributed to the development of the Twitter Monitoring App (wiretapping use case) is:

Ilias Dimitriadis, Pavlos Sermpezis, Stelios Karamanidis, Dimitrios Panteleimon Giakatos, George Vlahavas, Maria Michali, Athena Vakali (Datalab Director) and Kelly Kiki (Data Journalist & Project Manager at iMEdD).

Data sources & Methodology

We collect tweets from Twitter users about greek phone tapping case. The collection is done using the official Twitter API and collecting all the tweets that contain a combination of the folliwing hashtags and words:

Data collection time period: 1 April 2022 - 23 June 2023

Hashtags: #υποκλοπες, #υποκλοπές, #ypoklopes, #predator, #predatorgate, #παραρακολουθήσεις, #επισυνδέσεις, #δημητριαδης, #κοντολεων, #κουκακη, #pega, #spyware, #watergate

Words: greekwatergate, υποκλοπές, υποκλοπη, επισυνδέσεις, επισύνδεση, predator


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